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A Light in the Darkness

The Land Down Under.  Kangaroos, boomerangs, and Steve Irwin.  These are the things we think of when envisioning the Outback.  My wife and I have been in Australia for more than a week now, and this is the first official blog about Australia.  We have been involved in a flurry of activities interspaced with moments of rest.  Things with us are busy and yet chill as the culture here denotes.

Chillin on a rainy day at the Sydney Opera House.

Chillin on a rainy day at the Sydney Opera House.

We are ministering in a small town called Byron Bay.  This area is known for a lot of things… none of which are listed above.  There are beautiful beaches here, lots of surfing, a lighthouse, and cults.  That’s right.  Maybe the Lord prepared us for the culture here by having us visit a cult our last Sunday in Cambodia.  It seems that there is a longing for the spiritual things here that exhibits itself in many ways.

New Age is rampant as well as many other cults that deceive people from the Truth.  Maybe this is because Byron Bay is the most Easterly point in Australia.  It is called the Eastgate, and because of this the enemy wants to take this city as his own.

As strong as the darkness is here, the bright light of the Son is all around.  We have visited two churches here that are solid and on fire, walking in the salvation, healing, and deliverance that Jesus called His people to.  The YWAM community has been here for more than 10 years and God is placing them in the perfect position to destroy the influence of the enemy in this place. Even as we visited the Lighthouse on the cliffs at Eastgate, God spoke to me about the spiritual lighthouses that are here.  There is so much light here that the darkness will not last for long. The gates of the enemy will not be able to stand against the Kingdom of God that is rolling forward here.  It is interesting that the people here, even the ones that are so involved in the dark things, are open to talk and share, and that is what we have been doing.  We listen to their deception and pray, then they sit and listen to the Truth that we have to give.  When the darkness is placed next to the light of the Truth, it becomes clear which one is the light.  There is no denying the light and the darkness.

Photo: Byron Bay Lighthouse at sunset.  Photo cred. Murray Vanderveer

Photo: Byron Bay Lighthouse at sunset. Photo cred. Murray Vanderveer

We got to talk with three surfer-hippie types.  One from Australia, one from Germany, and one from Norway that were all living in a camper van by the beach talked with us about the Truth. In the end, they did not miraculously choose to follow Christ, but the Truth was spoken clearly and seeds were planted.  We did not beat them over the head with the Truth so they would be defensive and not listen to anything we said.  We listened to them and then spoke the Truth without compromise.

It is Holy Spirit’s job to give us the words to say and do the working their hearts.  Nothing I say or do can change a person.  I speak and act in obedience, and God will use me to plant, water, and sometimes harvest.  It is much more fun to harvest and bring a soul into the Kingdom… but it is always a result of Holy Spirit!!!

God has made you to be a light no matter where you may be!!!  The darkness may be dark, but the light is always brighter!!!

Pray and ask Holy Spirit how you can be a light and speak the Truth.  Then, be the Light of the World that Jesus calls you to be (Matthew 5:14-16).

Jeremiah, Man on Fire!!!

Where On Earth Are The Blue Mountains???

What does one do with a statement such as this?  Automatically my mind would jump to a four year old child drawing blue mountains for this cannot be a reality, right?  There’s no way that this type of question would be anything more than a hypothetical.  Well, blue mountains is what initiated my investigative abilities during the week of intense prayer and inquiring of the Lord for direction in the next step of the word, “Go!”.

Jeremiah had the day before told me of his conversation with his mentor about a different way of seeking the Lord for direction, by picturing yourself in the Throne Room of Heaven and to wait and see what happens.  He had shared about his experience in the Throne Room in doing this exercise. I too have done this type of Christian imagination before and decided that I would give it a try since he received so much during his experience.

In my prayer time the following morning, this is what took place:
God came and was sitting on His throne as I knelt before Him.  Then Jesus came, smiled, hugged me, then walked with me.  I asked Him what we were supposed to do and He said, “Follow Me”.  I asked what that meant and He just laughed and put His arm around me.  When I turned away from His face and looked ahead, we were walking on grass barefooted, and before us were beautiful green and blue mountains.  I asked Him what it meant and had a sense that I would be there.  He responded with “What do you think it means?”  I turned to Him and He was now wearing hiking boots, a tan button up short sleeve shirt, and tan shorts.  Then we were in a room with nothing but a table and a map with a light on it.  I asked Him when He wants us to go and He said “With haste!”  I asked where and He said “I have given you the nations as your inheritance, there does not have to be a specific place.  Just go!”  I asked Him if He could give us a direction, He looked at the map and it was as if the east nations were on fire.  He reminded me of Luke 12:49, “I have come to set the world on fire, though I wish it were already burning.”  He told me not to fear, He would be with us!!!

Once the vision ended, I felt like I got nothing.  It was a struggle to stay in that place.  I couldn’t remember anything, but knew I needed to write it down and in looking at the clock, I had been in this place with Jesus for an hour.  I began writing and when I finished, I had this whole vision down on paper and could not make sense of most of it.  I dwelt on it throughout the day and decided to review it.  The green and blue mountains stuck out so I decided to google mountains in Norway, for God had confirmed with me that we are to go there in October, hoping perhaps I would see an image of the mountains exactly like the ones I saw.  No such luck.  I continued this for some other places we had added to the prayer list and still found nothing.  I went back to the notes and realized how weird it was that Jesus was dressed in those clothes and thought He looked like Steve Irwin.  So in googling Steve and mountains, an icon popped up saying, “Where on earth are the Blue Mountains?”  blue mountainsIt turns out that there is an actual Blue Mountain National Park in Australia.  Jeremiah has a friend there so I asked him where he lived.  His friend lives in Byron Bay on the coast of New South Wales, in the same province and not far from the Blue Mountains.

What a vision!  God was moving even when I didn’t feel like it and was depositing direction where there seemed to be none.  He could’ve just told me where He wanted us to go and we would be obedient, but He wanted to strengthen my faith and I think make it fun by the adventure of it all.

Be encouraged to know that in seeking Father about anything, He is always listening and He is fun!  He isn’t some boring guy sitting in Heaven making you wait, He is waiting for the right timing and the right way to give it so that He gets all of the glory!  All glory, honor, power is His, Amen!  Keep seeking and keep asking! He is faithful!  Matthew 7:7-8, ”Keep on asking, and you will receive what you ask for. Keep on seeking, and you will find. Keep on knocking, and the door will be opened to you.  For everyone who asks, receives. Everyone who seeks, finds. And to everyone who knocks, the door will be opened.”

Katie, Pure Fire of Yahweh