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Taking Two Continents for Jesus: Newsletter #3

God has orchestrated many amazing things this month and we have seen Him move in mighty ways through our obedience all around the world! Please continue to pray for us and partner with us as we are pursuing the ministry that He has for us here in Texas as well as globally. We pray that you are blessed by reading about how God has been moving in our lives and through us and we would love to get together and share with you personally what has taken place as well what’s to come in the future! Please let us know if you would like to meet or have us speak in your ministry! 🙂

Blessings, Jeremiah and Katie

July 2014 Newsletter

July 2014 Newsletter

Back to Texas: Newsletter #1

We are ending one journey of the Lord and beginning another as we head back to the U.S.  We will begin sending out monthly newsletters that will keep you informed with what God is doing currently with us as well as covering bits and pieces of this journey with the Lord that is coming to an end.  Here is our first newsletter.  We look forward to sharing with you all that God is doing!!! 🙂

May 2014 Monthly Newsletter

May 2014 Monthly Newsletter


Victory for the Vikings – Video Update #3

Our time in Norway has come to an end. Check out this video to see how you can be praying for Norway and the Norwegian people as well as a special appearance from a Viking Warrior!

Please follow us, like this video, share it, and partner with us in prayer as we continue our journey to Scotland tomorrow as well as praying about partnering with us financially. We covet your prayers and support and pray a special blessing over you as you continue with us on this amazing adventure of following the call of the Lord!!!

News from Norway

After a brief visit to Harpenden to visit my sister, we made our way to Norway where God has us ministering for about a month.  On our flight to Oslo, I began to pray and ask The Lord what He was saying about Norway.  As God does, He responded by first giving me a picture.

The picture from The Lord was of a black line going around the border of the country. When the black line had completely encircled Norway, it began to grow thicker and began to take over the country from the inside out.  As I was praying to The Lord about what this meant, I felt him speaking to me something that applies to every single child of His.

Often, when an enemy has surrounded, the military force will dig in and wait for the enemy to come to them.  However, this is not what the Men and Women of God must do.  When the enemy is surrounding our country and land, we must not sit and wait and do nothing.  In America, we have done nothing for far too long and now things are worse than ever.  We must be on the offensive and attack every place where the enemy would try to come in and take us out.  God has placed us where we are so that His mighty warriors would arise and stand and fight against all odds for the souls and for the nations that are His! Hebrews 10:39 says it best “We are not of those who shrink back in fear, but we are of those who believe to the salvation of the soul”!!!

I want to encourage you, just as I have been told to encourage the people here in Norway, now is the time to stand up! We cannot be silent any longer and allow the enemy to do as he pleases while we sit and pray that things don’t get any worse. I have news for you, things are going to get worse until you stand up and fight for what God has given you. God has given us the Truth not so we can guard it and keep it to ourselves, but we are to use it to combat the enemy and bring freedom to the people he is trying to enslave.

Now is the time to Stand!!! Now is the time to Fight!!!  Now is the time to become the Men and Women of God that He has created you to be!!!

Jeremiah, Man on Fire!!!