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Imparting Some Spiritual Gift

I know it has been a while since I posted last, but I got married and am on my honeymoon.  Can you blame me?  This morning as I was reading in Romans, something jumped out at me, especially since we have heard God speaking over and over that we are to have a ministry like Paul’s.  Obviously, as I have been reading the writings of Paul, I have been paying close attention to what I can glean from his wisdom and his ministry.  Naturally, I was paying close attention when God began speaking through these two verses.

This is what the verses read: “For I long to see you, that I may impart to you some spiritual gift, so that you may be established— 12 that is, that I may be encouraged together with you by the mutual faith both of you and me” (Romans 1:11-12).

Paul did not just have a desire to visit the churches and preach to them, his desire was to come to them and impart something to them.  Specifically, He wanted to impart some spiritual gift to them that they may be strengthened and established.  He longed to bring them what they needed to grow and build the Kingdom of God.  Now, each place that Paul visited was different, and though he was directing this to the Roman church, I can see him speaking this to each one of the churches he was an apostle to.  Each church was different and needed something different to make them strong and established to bear the fruit of the Kingdom.  Even though Paul was an amazing man of God, He did not have everything that all of these churches needed.  Because we are all different and have different spiritual gifts and strengths, each of us have spiritual gifts that make up who we are that are actively imparted just by being around others.  It does not take any work for me to build someones faith because it is something I walk in and impart just by being with them.

However, there are many spiritual gifts that I do not walk in to the fullest and these are not actively imparted just by being around me.  When people or churches need one of these gifts imparted to them, it is a sovereign act of God!  However, it is my responsibility to seek what another person or people need that this gift of God may flow through me.  I am a conduit by which anything I do not have directly can flow straight from the Throneroom of Heaven to those who need it!  If I am living the way I should and seeking that the Lord will use me in the greatest way possible, He will flow through me in great and unexpected ways!!!

Even though this is something that my wife and I have been called to walk in directly as we go around the world strengthening churches, it should never be discounted from our everyday lives.  God has called each and every one of us to use everything we have for His glory and for the strengthening and encouraging of the Church.  When I say the Church, I do not mean any small local body, but the Body of Christ as a whole.  Each and every time we gather with our Christian brothers and sisters, we should be seeking to encourage and strengthen them in the best way possible.

Today, Katie and I have been given the opportunity to visit a local church with our new friend Hector.  It is our desire as we go to be a blessing and impart some spiritual gift to this Mexican church even while we are on our honeymoon.

What have you done today to prepare yourself to strengthen your brothers and sisters in Christ?  What has God given you specifically to pour out on those around you?  What are the things that you directly impart onto those around you just by being near them?  Are you asking the Lord to use you as a conduit and to prepare yourself to pour out the things you do not have onto others?  Ask Holy Spirit to reveal your direct imparting gifts and to strengthen and use you to be a conduit of His Kingdom to be used to pass on anything that others may need!

I bless you with a powerful gift of impartation both of the things that are already in you and the things that others need!!! I bless you to be used of the Lord where you are and always to desire to give out what God has given you to give!!!


Preparing a Place for the Prophetic

Some questions have recently arisen about the last two posts that Katie and I talked about receiving vision from the Lord. The two visions that we described began out of something we referred to as Christian Imagination. I realize now that the wording may have been a little confusing. Maybe I should have referred to it as Inspired Prayer.  I hope that with a little explanation that everyone will understand and even take part in listening and hearing The Lord in a creative way!

In the Bible, God speaks many times in dreams and visions.  In fact, large portions of scripture are based almost solely on dreams and/or visions such as Ezekiel, Daniel or Revelation.  The basis for God speaking through vision is important when beginning to speak about Christian imagination. We see in Habakkuk (2:1) and Revelation (4:1) that both of the authors were actually looking for a vision. They were not waiting for God to bring one, but actually were looking and waiting for Him to speak through a vision.  John ended up writing a long portion about the vision he had following this experience. It seems that John actually prepared himself to receive a vision from the Lord and then participated in it as God brought it about.  Mark Virkler speaks about hearing God and uses Habakkuk to help us understand further. (  If we think about it, who made our imaginations? Who gives us our creativity? God is the creator of imagination and He speaks to us through images as we have already investigated.  I believe, as you do I am sure, that when we ask God to speak to us, He does.

This may be the most important thing to remember.  When we ask God to speak to us and look with our spiritual eyes to see what he wants to show us, we must believe that He will speak to us.  In John 5:19, Jesus Himself says that He only does what he sees the Father doing.  This is Him being open to see vision clearly and receive from Him.

I encourage you to take some time and ask the Lord to speak to you.  In tuning to the Spirit, sometimes it is helpful to jump start our creativity by imagining a picture and looking for Jesus in this picture.  I know for some people this may seem spooky or like a New Age type of thing.  However, I just want to remind you that the enemy cannot create anything.  The enemy is only able to pervert what God has created.  God created the prophetic and the enemy came in with psychics and palm readers trying to make himself like God. God made dancing and the enemy came in with sensual dirty dancing and perverted this holy act of worship.  In the same way, the enemy has tried to take our imaginations and creative side and turn it to something evil by hypnotism and trances and the like.  However, we know and have seen how God speaks when we ask Him to, and He has a track record of using dreams and visions.  Anything He speaks and says will build us up, encourage us, and strengthen us.  We test everything we see by the Word of God, and when they agree, we must listen and obey Him.

I encourage you to try an exercise.  Sit down with a pen and a piece of paper and ask God to speak to you.  Ask Him a simple question like “How much do you love me?”.  Then begin to write whatever comes into your mind until you are done.  Aftwerwards, go back and read over it and see if it is something that God would say to you.

This is a different post, but I thought it would be necessary and beneficial to you to explain how we were spoken to in these visions.  I pray that Holy Spirit will speak to you in ever increasing ways and perhaps use this as a tool to draw you into a deeper and closer relationship with Him.

Jeremiah, Man on Fire

Where On Earth Are The Blue Mountains???

What does one do with a statement such as this?  Automatically my mind would jump to a four year old child drawing blue mountains for this cannot be a reality, right?  There’s no way that this type of question would be anything more than a hypothetical.  Well, blue mountains is what initiated my investigative abilities during the week of intense prayer and inquiring of the Lord for direction in the next step of the word, “Go!”.

Jeremiah had the day before told me of his conversation with his mentor about a different way of seeking the Lord for direction, by picturing yourself in the Throne Room of Heaven and to wait and see what happens.  He had shared about his experience in the Throne Room in doing this exercise. I too have done this type of Christian imagination before and decided that I would give it a try since he received so much during his experience.

In my prayer time the following morning, this is what took place:
God came and was sitting on His throne as I knelt before Him.  Then Jesus came, smiled, hugged me, then walked with me.  I asked Him what we were supposed to do and He said, “Follow Me”.  I asked what that meant and He just laughed and put His arm around me.  When I turned away from His face and looked ahead, we were walking on grass barefooted, and before us were beautiful green and blue mountains.  I asked Him what it meant and had a sense that I would be there.  He responded with “What do you think it means?”  I turned to Him and He was now wearing hiking boots, a tan button up short sleeve shirt, and tan shorts.  Then we were in a room with nothing but a table and a map with a light on it.  I asked Him when He wants us to go and He said “With haste!”  I asked where and He said “I have given you the nations as your inheritance, there does not have to be a specific place.  Just go!”  I asked Him if He could give us a direction, He looked at the map and it was as if the east nations were on fire.  He reminded me of Luke 12:49, “I have come to set the world on fire, though I wish it were already burning.”  He told me not to fear, He would be with us!!!

Once the vision ended, I felt like I got nothing.  It was a struggle to stay in that place.  I couldn’t remember anything, but knew I needed to write it down and in looking at the clock, I had been in this place with Jesus for an hour.  I began writing and when I finished, I had this whole vision down on paper and could not make sense of most of it.  I dwelt on it throughout the day and decided to review it.  The green and blue mountains stuck out so I decided to google mountains in Norway, for God had confirmed with me that we are to go there in October, hoping perhaps I would see an image of the mountains exactly like the ones I saw.  No such luck.  I continued this for some other places we had added to the prayer list and still found nothing.  I went back to the notes and realized how weird it was that Jesus was dressed in those clothes and thought He looked like Steve Irwin.  So in googling Steve and mountains, an icon popped up saying, “Where on earth are the Blue Mountains?”  blue mountainsIt turns out that there is an actual Blue Mountain National Park in Australia.  Jeremiah has a friend there so I asked him where he lived.  His friend lives in Byron Bay on the coast of New South Wales, in the same province and not far from the Blue Mountains.

What a vision!  God was moving even when I didn’t feel like it and was depositing direction where there seemed to be none.  He could’ve just told me where He wanted us to go and we would be obedient, but He wanted to strengthen my faith and I think make it fun by the adventure of it all.

Be encouraged to know that in seeking Father about anything, He is always listening and He is fun!  He isn’t some boring guy sitting in Heaven making you wait, He is waiting for the right timing and the right way to give it so that He gets all of the glory!  All glory, honor, power is His, Amen!  Keep seeking and keep asking! He is faithful!  Matthew 7:7-8, ”Keep on asking, and you will receive what you ask for. Keep on seeking, and you will find. Keep on knocking, and the door will be opened to you.  For everyone who asks, receives. Everyone who seeks, finds. And to everyone who knocks, the door will be opened.”

Katie, Pure Fire of Yahweh

Jesus Comes Riding on An … Elephant?!?!?!

Probably not what you expected right!  I always think of Jesus riding a white horse or maybe a donkey, but never would have imagined him riding an elephant.  This was one of the first ways God started showing me that we would be taking an around the world trip, in a vision of Him riding an elephant.

I was talking with a pastor friend of mine that I meet with every week about what a hard time Katie and I were having hearing direction from the Lord about our next step.  He reminded me that God is good and that He is ready to give us whatever we need, including direction.  He invited us that while we were praying, to picture ourselves in the Throne Room of heaven and wait to see what happens.  I had done this type of Christian imagination before in hearing from God and decided to take his advice.

In my prayer time the next morning, this is what happened:
I came and knelt before the throne and immediately Jesus came over and lifted me up and gave me a hug.  I asked Him where we were supposed to go and He said “It really does not matter.” I asked him for a direction to go and I see a map with a legend in my mind.  It seemed like an arm and finger were pointing to the Northeast.  I look at Jesus again, and his clothing has changed.  I noticed a not straight, but not fully curved sword in a cloth belt at His side.  He was wearing a turban as He talked to me.  I am not sure exactly what He was saying, something about the places I had been and where I was going.  He climbed up on the back of an elephant and began to ride it.

After this vision was over, I began to think about what it meant for Jesus to be riding an elephant.  To me, this spoke heavily of India and Cambodia where I knew Elephants lived.  I had been to both of these places and felt God calling me to return to these two places.  Later, I remembered a story from History (must have had the best teacher in the world, “Thanks Mom!).  In the 2nd Century, there was a man named Hannibal that was a brilliant military strategist.  He was one of the few people to ever invade Rome.  He did this by taking soldiers, cavalry, and yes war elephants over the mountains into Rome.  I found this information and was very interested to see that his point of origin was the Iberian Peninsula on which is another country that I had already been to, Spain.  One simple vision of Jesus riding on an elephant spoke three different countries to me and started giving me direction about where God was calling me.

God is infinite, and He speaks in infinite ways.  It would have been a lot easier if He had just said, “Hey Jeremiah!  Go to Spain, India, and Cambodia!”  However, He wants relationship with us and whether you think so or not, Jesus is fun!!!  He speaks in fun ways and is always calling us to come to the deeper and more intimate places with Him.  The closer we are to Him, the more clearly we will hear Him and be obedient to Him.  I do not know why Jesus spoke to me through him riding on an elephant, but it was definitely memorable.

I encourage you to examine how you see Jesus.  At one time, I thought He was orderly and proper.  Jesus is fun, and He often does strange things just because.  Sometimes our proper views of Jesus need to be shaken up so we can see Him in a new way.  Peter would never have walked on the water if Jesus had not come walking by.  Here it says “Now about the fourth watch of the night He came to them, walking on the sea, and would have passed them by” (Mark 6:48).  Jesus would have kept on walking by if Peter had not called to Him.  I don’t know about you, but this almost seems like a practical joke to me.

Jesus is fun, and He always wants you to know Him in a deeper way!!!  Look at your life.  Are you able to have fun with Jesus?  Can you relax and let loose with the Lord?  Can you party with the Powerful One?  If you cannot, ask Holy Spirit to help you to know Him in a deeper way.  The more He reveals Himself, the more you will be changed into His image!  If Jesus is fun, we should have fun too!!!

Jeremiah, Man on Fire!!!

Open and Closed Doors

Going back to over a year ago, both of us started getting words about doors separately.  One of the prayer warriors in our church called me out and said that she saw me going through double doors that were on fire.  Apparently, the doors were to the nations.  Back then I put this into the interesting category with all the other unfulfilled words that I have gotten.

For me, when I get prophetic words like this, I write them down and put them into an interesting box.  We are always supposed to test the words of others, and I have learned to put words from other people into the interesting box until it takes place or until God speaks to me directly in conjunction with this word.  Then, it comes out of the interesting box into the exciting box.

There were also several words about doors being open to Katie that she got from some very trusted people.  At the time they were given, neither one of us really understood because it seemed like we were seeing only closed doors around us.  In fact, about a month before the wedding, we were at a Fire by Night (gathering of people who seek the Lord together) and a vision was given to a woman there.  She saw me in a room that had so many doors opened.  All of these doors has been opened by God at one point, but now it was time to close some of these doors so that I could watch as God opened the door I was supposed to walk through.  At that time in Katie’s heart and mine, God used this to confirm that I was no longer to look for a youth pastor position.  This had been my heart and desire for so long and nothing had ever come of it.

This was slightly discouraging because it was my desire to be a youth pastor, but also slightly encouraging, because I knew that God would not have me close it unless He had something better for me.  During this time, Katie got a scripture out of Exodus 33:14-15 “And God said, “My Presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.  Moses replied If Your Presence does not go with us, do not bring us up from here.”  The desire in both of our hearts was to be in the Presence of the Lord!  If He was closing doors and saying stay, that is what we wanted to do.  However, He was only closing one door so that He could open another.

In each of our lives, there will be times where nothing seems to happen around us.  No matter how hard we try or what we do, every door seems to be closed.  Trust me, I know.  I tried seminary, law school, youth ministry, young adult ministry, prison ministry, youth camps, mission trips, law enforcement, management, construction, ranching, the military… I was searching for an open door, but could not seem to find it.  However, many of the things I did were very good God things and prepared me to Go.  The same is true for you!  God has a great plan for you and your life.  He is not tricking you or letting you wander around aimlessly.  Every door that is closed is preparing you for what is coming next.  In the very least, after so many closed doors, when God finally opens a door, you will not care what it is, but you will be willing to commit totally.

Be encouraged my friends, every closed door is an opportunity to learn and grow and serve the Lord until the door He has for you opens.  You are not wasting you time, but this is waiting.  Not a passive do nothing waiting, but an active, serve the Lord wherever you can until he brings you to your specific calling.

One last thought, when Jesus said “Many are called, but few are chosen” (Matt 22:14)  What did He mean?  Are some appointed to do super special works and others just average people?  Certainly not!!!  God has called each one of us to do something special.  The difference between the called and the chosen is the fact that when called, the chosen do not give up, but keep doing what they can!  Eventually, they come into their chosen place because they did not give up!!!

You have been called!!!  Ask Holy Spirit to give you the ability to serve where you are and never give up until you walk into the chosen place for you in your partnership with Him!!!

Jeremiah Man on Fire!!!

Follow Me!!!

As my new life with Katie was getting closer and closer to beginning and still without any specific word of direction, I  began to seek the Lord harder than ever for a specific word of direction.  As I said before, it seemed like every door was closed to me and I was getting no answer from the Lord.

Finally, about one month before the wedding, God spoke an ultimate word of direction that I knew was from Him and felt without a doubt that He was calling me to do.  He said “Follow Me!!!”  Now, when asking for a word, I am always full of joy when the Lord speaks.  However, when I am looking for a specific word, and I get such a general word that we all should be doing anyway, I am not so happy.  I mean what was God saying through this?  Aren’t we all called to become followers of Him and walk just as He walked?

As I began to investigate this more, this is the universal call that He commands all of us to do, but sadly many of us have forgotten.  This is the same call to obedience and to “take up our crosses daily” (Luke 9:23).  Not only are we supposed to be obedient, but we are to begin to look more like Jesus, talk more like Jesus, think more like Jesus, act more like Jesus… Following Him is a simple command, but it is a lifelong adventure that will continue forever!

Abraham was called to “Go out from His country, family, and father’s house” (Gen 12:1) and not even given a destination.  I can almost imagine God speaking the word “Go” to Abraham and then Abraham asking “Okay, Where?”.  I can almost see God smiling and pointing a direction and saying “Go that way until I say stop!”  What was it in Abraham that gave him the faith to follow this command?  I believe that He obeyed, because he had truly come to know the One giving the command!!!  His desire was to please the Lord in all things, and this gave him the faith to be recklessly obedient!!!

No matter what God is speaking to us, we must be fully and completely obedient!!!  The more we know Him, the more we will be able to trust Him and that He will not only take care of us, but abundantly bless us as we go.  I encourage you to examine your life right now. Is the Lord speaking to you?  What is the Lord telling you to do?  Have you been completely obedient to Him?  If not, why?

If there is any place in your life where you do not hear the Lord speaking or you are not being fully obedient to Him, this is the time you need to be spending getting to know Him!  You need to know His voice and who He is so as He speaks you hear and are able to be obedient no matter what He is speaking!!!

I do not say this from a place where I have always been completely obedient, but I am learning that the best things in life come from being obedient!!!  Obediently, I went to YWAM and God used this to prepare me for marriage and ministry.  I was obedient in my waiting for God’s Best and He opened my eyes to the treasure in front of me, my Beloved!  Now, I must continue to be obedient in stepping into the ministry that He has created for me.  The best things is that it is better than I could have dreamed or asked for!!!  He knew not only what I wanted, but what I was designed to do.  He prepared me with everything I would need (including the best ministry partner ever!!!).  As both of us continue to grow in being obedient, we are growing into the people that He created us to be!!!

I bless you with knowing who you are, Whose you are, and growing into the perfectly designed plan that He has created just for you!!!

Jeremiah, Man on Fire!!!

Waiting to Begin

Since October of last year, God has been using us to start and strengthen a ministry that came to be known as Fire by Night.  After all the crazy adventures and growth that God had done in me last year, this was the only thing I truly felt free here in the US doing.  Door after door seemed to shut to everything I felt able and willing to do.  Fire by Night was the only thing that I saw God truly blessing.  Well that is not entirely true, but more to follow.  The vision of Fire by Night was birthed out of Friday Fires in England and India where God moved mightily as we met and let the Holy Spirit guide us.  When the church was first started, Paul said “Whenever you come together, each of you has a psalm, has a teaching, has a tongue, has a revelation, has an interpretation. Let all things be done for edification” (1 Corinthians 14:26).  This was a founding premise of Fire By Night that everyone who came together had something to share.  We have seen people of all generations gather and flow as the Holy Spirit gave them something to share.  Children as young as 3 were touched by the Lord to share something He had spoken to them.  Obviously, this was blessed by God and has continued successfully for almost a full year and will continue to do so for a long time!!!  Even during the times that we were waiting and “in between the rains” God was using us to build His Kingdom and preparing us for what lied ahead!!!  

I encourage you, that even in times of waiting and dryness, continue to serve the Lord in the way you know best, and He will use this to bring you to a place where you can serve Him powerfully in the times of fruitfulness!!!

The other thing that I saw God blessing mightily was my relationship with a beautiful woman of God!!!  He spoke to me that this was my main ministry at this time.  At the end of this month (Aug 25), I will truly become the most blessed man alive and will be celebrating the beginning of a grand adventure with my Beloved Katie!!!

As the time for our new life together approached, there was much difficulty in hearing God about what the next step for us would be.  God remained faithful, as He always does, and spoke to us clearly and overwhelmingly that He was leading us to “Go into all the world, to strengthen and encourage His church and bring Fire to the nations!!!”  He commanded us to go “With Haste!” and we desire to be totally obedient to Him.

As quickly as September 7th, we will be beginning our adventures that will literally take us around the world.  I have contacts through YWAM and my many adventures already, and God is leading us to visit many of them to strengthen and encourage them and pioneer their visions into actions.  We are asking that you would partner with us as we are obedient to Jesus just as He spoke to us to “Follow Me!!!”

Please partner with us in one or more ways:

First, please continually lift us up in prayer as we are truly living by faith.  We covet your prayer for provision, protection, and great fruitfulness as we seek to be completely obedient to the Lord!!!

Second, please follow our journey here and share our adventures and testimonies with your friends that God may get all of the glory He deserves!!!

Finally, if God is speaking to you to help fund His ministry as we partner with Him you will find an online donation link and an address where you can mail checks on the side of this page.

Please know that your partnership with us is greatly appreciated. Be blessed with a continual increase of Holy Spirit and Fire!!!

Jeremiah and Katie (Soon to Be) Gibson